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Sustainable Manufacturing

Solving Scope 1, 2, & 3 Emissions For Manufacturers

Engage was designed to enable manufacturers to calculate their emissions in minutes. Manufacturers anywhere can now provide cradle-to-gate carbon footprint information for an individual unit when bidding on contracts.

  • Receive the carbon footprint of a unit produced in less than 5 minutes.
  • Demystify the process of understanding how to reduce your footprint.
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The Future Bidding Process

New Products Demand Sustainability Metrics

Engage empowers tier 1 & tier 2 manufacturers with unit specific carbon emissions information.

Materials account for ~65% of the carbon footprint of the finished product.

Understanding the baseline metrics behind your Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions is the cornerstone to systematically reducing your footprint. Engage helps you understand your emissions and recommends paths to reduce your carbon footprint and production costs.

Your Sustainability Partner

Throughout The Supply Chain


Heartland partners with raw material producers to understand the carbon footprint of their materials and identify methods to systematically reduce it over time.


Heartland has partnered with leading plastic compounders to help demystify the chemistry behind everyday products. This has unlocked our ability to provide unparalleled insight into a products carbon footprint.


Heartland has partnered with molders around the world to understand how they purchase, produce, and ship finished products. This insight has unlocked the carbon story for brands around the world.


Heartland is the sustainability partner for brands on their journey to reduce their carbon footprint. Our team compiles information throughout the entire supply chain to systematically authenticate the carbon footprint of an assembled product.

Meaningful Impact

Scope 3 Emissions

Engage calculates the 8 most impactful Scope 3 emissions associated with a finished product. This knowledge provides a quick and clear snapshot of a product's carbon footprint.

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heartland engage scope 3 capital goods
heartland engage scope 3 fuel and energy activities
heartland engage scope 3 upstream transportation
heartland engage scope 3 downstream transportation
heartland engage scope 3 employee commuting
heartland engage scope 3 waste generated
heartland engage scope 3 processing of sold goods
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Sustainable Technology

Unlocking The Sustainable Future We Need And Deserve

Heartland's Engage platform allows manufacturers to understand the most impactful parts of their operations.

We work with global brands and their suppliers to predictably reduce the carbon footprint of everyday products and processes throughout their value chain.

Carbon Footprint Reduction

Simple & Scalable

Industry 5.0: The Future of Sustainable Manufacturing

High Throughput. Low Cost. Low Energy. 

Understanding the carbon footprint throughout your operation is the first step in systematically reducing your emissions to zero. Engage provides insight into warehouse operations, product, packaging, and logistics.

Sustainable Material Innovation

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