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The Carbon Farming Trust unlocks access to revenue from carbon credits for farmers, brands, consumers, and banks by introducing simple farming changes.

  • Integrate regenerative agriculture practices to save time, money, and energy.
  • Improve soil health while decreasing chemical runoff into local water.
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Engineering Earth

One Farm At A Time

CFT supports local farming and local manufacturing by unlocking access to local carbon markets.

Carbon credits are well established in Europe, and within countries that fall under the Kyoto Protocol. In America, these markets have only been properly established for green energy projects. CFT is a first of its kind carbon farming platform that unlocks new revenue opportunity for local farms.

Engineering Earth

Simple Daily Changes

Carbon Farming Trust integrates the Engineering Earth protocol to systematically store carbon in the soil throughout normal farming operations.

The Next Generation

Regenerative Agriculture
is Proven to Work

The key is to find simple and practical solutions to transition toward more sustainable farming methods.

Optimizing a farming operation for carbon comes down to having the right partners. CFT works with banks, agronomists, testing labs, and equipment suppliers to reduce the barriers to entry for agriculture carbon credits. 

Offset Your Carbon Footprint

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Sustainable Value Chain

Leading Industry 5.0

Regenerative agriculture is today's easiest solution to reduce the negative impact we have on the planet.

Traditional row crop farmers have the opportunity to be the cornerstone solution to the climate crisis. The Carbon Farming Trust provides a platform to help them on that journey to make the world a better place.

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Traditional row crop farmers follow the Engineering Earth protocol to implement simple, practical regenerative practices to store carbon in soil.


Standard soil sample processes combined with state of the art satellite imagery produce the clearest image of soil carbon in human history.


The Carbon Farming Trust issues carbon credits (CFTs) to farmers based on third-party validated measurements, unlocking a new revenue stream.

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