Lungs Of The Earth

Empowering Earth,
Our Most Powerful Tool.

Earth is a powerful carbon sequestration engine. Our planet’s rainforests act as its lungs, and its soil acts as its skin. Engineering these systems to optimize the carbon cycle is the most effective solution create a sustainable future.

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25% Of All Biodiversity

Farmland is Four Times Bigger Than The Amazon

Agricultural practices have the potential to help or harm our planet more than the Amazon.

4.25 billion acres on Earth are farmland, representing 38% of all land on Earth. Implementing regenerative farming practices can empower Earth to store more carbon in less time than any manmade technology ever could.

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For Regenerative Farming

Engineering Earth is a proven and practical 3 step protocol to systematically store Carbon in soil while reducing chemical runoff into the local watershed. The impact of carbon offsets created through regenerative farming goes beyond Carbon.

Tracks Not Tires

Soil compaction is a persistent problem with heavy mechanized equipment. Plants do not grow well in compressed soil. Farmers who adopt tracks instead of tires reduce the amount of compression on the ground, requiring less tillage.

Ditch Your Plow

The most common way to reduce soil compression is with a deep plow, disrupting 36" of soil. With less compression you can use a vertical tiller that only disrupts 3" of soil, preserving more than 80% of the organic matter removed by the plow.

Cover Your Soil

Cover crops are more important than simply preventing soil erosion. During cold winters, they act as a canopy for organic life. This ensures healthy soils while reducing nitrate runoff into local water supplies.

Stronger Farms For Everyone

Unlocking The Sustainable Future We Need And Deserve

Regenerative agriculture can empower Earth to store more carbon in the soil than any technology.

We work with global brands and their suppliers to understand the opportunity and impact of carbon farming.

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