Simple & Scalable

Building Trust With Our
Carbon Farming Methods

Farming has an opportunity to be the cornerstone solution to our climate problems. 

The Carbon Framing Trust has developed simple and scalable methods that will enable any row crop farmer to adopt regenerative agriculture.

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Business As Usual

Administration of Change With A Traditional Fiduciary

Carbon farming has the power of planet earth behind it, the only downside is with bad farming practices, years of hard work can be undone.

Our team is partnered with farmers fiduciary to monitor and enforce changes to operations. This is a standard practice for farmers with land contracts.

The Most Comprehensive Offset

Impact Beyond Carbon

Agriculture's impact goes beyond soil to the food we eat, the air we breath, and the water we drink.

The impact of farming touches every aspect of humanity. With 38% of all land on Earth being used for farming, the benefits and consequences of agriculture outweigh every other opportunity.

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Community Driven

Global Companies
Local Impact

Brands and consumers can purchase offsets that mean the most to their communities. Everything from carbon footprint reduction through clean water and air, Carbon Farming Trust has a solution for everyone.

Engineering Earth

Simple Daily Changes

Carbon Farming Trust integrates the Engineering Earth protocol to systematically store carbon in the soil throughout normal farming operations.

The Leading Carbon Farming Platform

Why Carbon Farming Trust

For Farmers

CFT partners with land owners and contract farmers to embed regenerative agricultural practices into their operations. Farmers can set up their accounts and register their first plot of land in under 20 minutes. 

For Agronomists

CFT partners with local agronomists to support leaders focused on enhancing soil health. Agronomists can receive incentives for onboarding the farmers they're already working with.

For Banks

CFT partners with agricultural and multinational banks to support farmers, brands, and consumers. Our platform unlocks a bank's ability to trade and lend against carbon assets. 

For Brands

CFT helps brands offset their carbon footprint through the purchase of carbon credits. Our platform helps brands select geographies for their carbon credits where they're making the biggest impact.

For Consumers

CFT unlocks the ability for consumers to offset their carbon footprint. This allows everyday consumers to support and engage with local farmers while making meaningful impact.









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